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Macroeconomics: An Introduction


Charles R. Nelson

Table of Contents

·        Chapter 1: An Overview of Economics

·        Chapter 1: Supplement on Microeconomics

·        Chapter 2: National Income

·        Chapter 3: Savings and Investment

·        Chapter 4:
The Cost of Living and Living with Inflation.

·        Chapter 5:
Growth and Recession in the US Economy

·        Chapter 6: Money, Banks, and the Federal Reserve

·        Chapter 7: The Demand for Money

·        Chapter 8: How the Fed Moves the Economy

·        Chapter 9: Monetary Policy

·        Chapter 10: Government Spending and Taxation

·        Chapter 11: Keynesian Fiscal Policy and the Multipliers

·        Chapter 12: The International Economy

The chapters are separate ‘pdf’ files and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader™ to view them. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website.


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