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English 370, Fall 2011

Practice Midterm

English 370
Spring, 2009
First Midterm


I.  For each of the phonemes below, describe the sound it represents in English in terms of its point of articulation and its manner(s) of articulation.  (24 points)

Example:  /m/ is a bilabial nasal stop.  (/m/ is also a continuant and voiced, and you could add those features to your description.  They would not be necessary, however, since “bilabial, nasal stop” would already be sufficient to describe /m/ and only /m/.)

1.  /g/              

2. /d/               

3. /t /              

4. /o/               

5. /Ə/              

6. /ŋ/


II.  For each of the sentences below provide: 

a.  a phonemic transcription,

b.  a morphemic analysis (open, closed, bound, free, derivational, inflectional)

(Give me TWO versions of each sentence, one phonemic, the other morphemic.) 


1.  The exceedingly tall player made the shot over his opponents’ outstretched hands.  


2.  John poured a little glass of port for his very thirsty guests.   


3.  The powerfully struck golfball flew with precision down the fairway.   


Midterm Key