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English 108A, Early Fall Start 2015

Assignments and Updates

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This page has the most up-to-date information available on this website. Please check this page frequently throughout the quarter!!

(Information on this page will be listed in reverse chronological order--beware!)

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Friday, September 18

Reading: None

Writing: Two Things. First: The Conference Reflection Paper, and second: your Course Portfolio. (For the assignment, click here). Note that you have only a table of contents to write for the Portfolio. You will write the Self-Reflective Essay described in the assignment while you are in class on Friday, Sept 18.

Thurday, Sept 17

Writing: Work on Assignment for Friday:

The Conference Reflection Paper

You now have gone through a complex process to participate in our academic conference, most of which had to be new to you.  You worked as a member of a research team, navigated a UW Libraries database, read various sources to find something you could use for your presentation, and found a way to organize your thoughts into a two-minute chunk, and then you actually performed it as well.  That is a lot of steps, few of which, if any, were familiar or easy.  

With the conference complete, we would like you to write a 3-4 page narrative reflection telling the story of your conference experience: what happened as you began the project, how did you and your group function, what was hard to do, what turned out to be less challenging than you thought? Be sure to include an account of your actual presentation.

Format: 3-4 pages, Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font (PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO FORMAT! Some of you still haven't figured out proper formatting!)

Wednesday, Sept 16

Reading: None: it's PRESENTATION day.

Writing: None. Your narrative of the conference process and your Course Portfolio will be due on Friday. Note that you actually have only a table of contents to write for the Portfolio. You will write the Self-Reflective Essay described in the assignment while you are in class on Friday.

Tuesday, Sept 15

Reading: None beyond your research needs.

Writing: PP for rehearsal of your presentation

Friday, Sept 11


Writing: Paragraph long What, Why, So What summaries of your two research readings. And for the group, a page that contains your research question for the conference presentation along with a description of the role each member of the group will take.

Thursday, Sept 10

Reading: None--beyond readings related to your research project

Writing: Final Version of My Learning Profile. Please bring two copies!

Wednesday, Sept 9

Reading: None--beyond readings related to your research project

Writing: Only that required by your research project.

Tuesday, Sept 8

Reading: Your principal reading for today should be with your research project. Remember that in class on Friday I asked each one of you to find and read two sources, at least one of which had to be an academic, peer-reviewed essay (like Ramirez and Beilock or Meyer and Land). (They can both be academic if you would rather do two of them.)

Writing: I would like you to write a paragraph (or paragraphs) about each of the two sources you have found this weekend. Use the What, Why and So What structure to help you generate thoughts. (You can find that on the Blackboard page.)

Friday Sept 4

Reading: no new reading

Writing: First draft of My Learning Profile.

Thurs Sept 3

Reading: LAL: Glossary

Writing: After reading through the Glossary, pick three of the Glossary terms that you find most easily connected to your own learning experiences, and explain their relevance to your leanring in a paragraph for each.

Second: the Paragraph about you as a writer assignment handed out as an assignment on Tuesday. See Extra Credit.

(We will also be introducing Sequence 2: the Learning Conference.)


Wed Sept 2

Reading: Meyer and Land. Download and print out at:

Writing: Key terms--pick three key terms from the M&L essay, and write a paragraph each explaining why they are key terms....

My Learning Profile Sample Paper (handed out last Friday). I handed this out last Friday--and asked you to read and give criteria scores for it. Review this if you went ahead and did it; if not, we'll work on it in class.

Tues Sept 1

Reading: Ramirez and Beilock, and Core Learning Concepts, along with the definitions for the Core Concepts in the Learning About Learning Glossary.

Writing: Oops! forgot to update with the information I gave you last Friday.

So, what I want is an account of your reading R and B. What did you do? When did you start? What challenges did your find yourself having? What did you to to solve them? What is the single major idea you are going to take from R and B? Why? What will it do for you?

And then: a one paragraph summary of the article and its value....

See you Tuesday....

Fri Aug 28

Reading: No new Reading

Writing: My Writing Life due (two copies, and printed out using the formatting requirements included on your assignment sheet.)

Thurs Aug 27

Reading: Sample "My Writing Life" drafts, along with your criteria scores and an explanation for those scores.

Writing: Here the writing is based on the Criteria you can find on the Blackboard page of this website, and which we talked about on Wednesday. You are also, of course, working on "My Writing Life," which is due on Friday (two copies, and printed out using the formatting requirements included on your assignment sheet.)

Wed Aug 26

Reading: Kohl: "I won't Learn from You," pp. 1-14 (to end of paragraph in the middle of the page). [This is slightly revised from this morning!]

Read the syllabus, too--and be ready for the Syllabus Perfect Quiz.

Writing: I will have given you a set of questions--read them ALL and think about them all, but then go on to write about the one you have been assigned and then one other--free pick!.

Remember that the criterion for good work on low stakes writing is ECI!