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Hi Aileen--I can't get the email to get through to you, so I'll post it here and see if THAT works!


Department of English

Dear Study Abroad Applicant,

            Welcome to the Department of English’s Study Abroad application process.  We are delighted that you are interested in participating in one of our foreign study programs.  Alumni of our programs are almost universal in describing our programs as valuable parts of their educations, and we work hard to ensure that every successful applicant has an exciting and academically meaningful experience with us.

            Because foreign study often makes special demands of students in their interactions with local people and cultures, we have developed a code of conduct to help students understand the standards by which they, as representatives of the University of Washington and of the Department of English, will be asked to comport themselves.  In general, once on-site for the program students must live by the laws and customs established by the society in which they find themselves temporary guests.  In practice, this means that participants must understand that certain liberties taken for granted at home may be constrained while living and studying in a foreign country.  Finally, we also require that students be respectful of the program faculty and their fellow students.

            To be sure that students understand our expectations, as a condition of participation we ask that students read and sign the attached English Department Terms of Participation and Code of Conduct form, in addition to the forms required by the Office of International Programs and Exchanges.  At the discretion of the program’s Director, any departures from this code, including but not limited to legal infractions, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or flagrant violations of local cultural practices, will be grounds for the immediate termination of a student’s participation in the program. 

            Further, because a satisfactory level of student conduct is essential to any effective foreign study program, should a participant’s conduct standing at the University change prior to departure, the Department of English reserves the right to rescind an earlier admission decision.     

If you have any questions about the English Department Study Abroad Admissions process and conduct policies, please contact Bridget Norquist, Academic Adviser, at, (206) 543-2634.



Gary Handwerk
Chair, Department of English


Please read and sign the Terms of Participation and Code of Conduct below.

Terms of Participation

If you are accepted to this program, you will be notified by email and given one week to confirm participation by signing a payment contract.  If you do not sign and return the payment contract by the deadline, your name will be put on a waitlist for the program, or added to the bottom of that list if one already exists.  If complications arise, and you need additional time, contact us immediately so that you do not risk losing your spot. 

Please Note:  The Department of English may rescind an offer of admission to join a study abroad program if a participant’s behavior prior to departure indicates that he/she might pose a risk to him/herself and others, or if that student’s conduct prior to departure is an indication that he/she will likely be disruptive and have a deleterious effect on the program. 

When you confirm, a $250 IPE fee and a $350 program deposit will be assessed to your student account.  These fees are non-refundable. 

Withdrawals:  If you should need to withdraw from the program, you must do so both by informing the Department of English in writing and by submitting an IPE withdrawal form to the IPE office.  Refer to your payment contract for your program’s refund policy.

Code of Conduct for all English Department Study Abroad Programs

  • All participants are expected to be engaged in all academic aspects of the program, including (but not limited to) punctual attendance in classes, timely completion of assignments, and participation in class discussions.
  • All participants are expected to take part in required group activities, including (but not limited to) group meetings, projects, and field trips.
  • All participants are expected to obey the laws of the host country, and the rules of host institutions (dormitories, classrooms, homestays, workplaces, etc.)
  • Conduct which threatens the viability of future English Department programs in the host country is prohibited.
  • Threatening or demeaning conduct is prohibited. 
  • Participants are expected to comply with the University of Washington Student Conduct Code (available online at


Participants who fail to observe this code of conduct are subject to dismissal from the program.  Dismissal from the program in no way negates your responsibility to pay your program fees and any fees that are incurred in returning you home. 

I have read and understood the Terms of Participation and Code of Conduct, and I accept these terms.


___________________________                              __________________
Student Signature                                                                                  Date



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