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Early Fall Start, August 20-September 13, 2012

108 was useful and unforgettable!  A perfect start to my time at the UW—” (Yunfei, 2010)
108 will be your big new family wherever you come from!” (Mary, 2011)

English 108 will help students develop writing fluency and confidence as they look ahead to college level composition courses.  Students will work closely with instructors and classmates as they write about themselves as writers and as learners, they will develop critical thinking, presentation and study skills, and they will get early hands-on experience with campus libraries and writing centers.  Because the course is held a month before Autumn Quarter begins, students in English 108 will also be able to explore the UW campus and the surrounding Seattle area before other students return.

What the Course Does

  • Builds its students’ ability to engage college-level writing tasks
  • Strengthens language fluency through regular reading and writing
  • Develops writing-related critical thinking skills
  • Teaches students to assess their writing strengths and how to build upon them
  • Introduces students to campus resources to support their work in upcoming classes
  • Helps students become more comfortable and confident as writers.

Special Features
Small class size, specially trained teaching staff, intensive writing center support, great diversity of students, opportunity to participate in the largest undergraduate research conference on campus

Credit Information
English 108 provides 5 credits toward the 180 credits required for completion of a bachelor's degree.  As a course that prepares students for college composition classes, English 108 cannot be used to satisfy either the University's English C or W-course requirement.

Tuition: $1385

Note: Non-native English speakers admitted with a TOEFL score below 92 (or the equivalent for other tests) may need to satisfy the UW English Language Proficiency Requirement.  If so, either English 102 or English 103 may be a more appropriate course.  To determine your status, contact Amy Renehan (ARenehan@PCE.UW.EDU) in the UW Academic English Language Program.