Don't Jump to Conclusions

Now that you seen some of the visual illusions on the NEUROSCIENCE FOR KIDS site, you know that your eyes can deceive you and that your brain can prepare you to see something that may not really be there. Here is another one. You can probably read the phrase in the figure below even though it is partially covered. What does it say? Are you sure? Roll your cursor over the figure to check.

You can make your own tricky phrase. Here is the code you need (notice how the tops of the letters are the same):

C = G | E = F | H = U | I = J = L

R = P = B | O = Q | X = Y

Type out a word or phrase and then replace letters with those that have identical tops. For example, the phrase:


When you have your new phrase, cover up the bottom half and see if people can read your "words." Try familiar words and phrases such as the names of your teachers, friends and school.

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