caitlinhudac Caitlin M. Hudac


Typical populations
Social cognition
  • (PDF) Impact of attachment-related stress
  • (PDF) Action understanding
  • (submitted) Infant integration of social information
  • (in prep) Infant ERP correlates of fairness expectations
Speech processing
  • (PDF) Integration of audio-visual information
  • (revision) Newborn habituation
Face processing
  • (Link) Affective bias interracial couples
  • (submitted) Effective connectivity
  • (in prep) Influence of race on aftereffects
Sleep restriction
  • (PDF) Sleep restriction
Atypical populations
Social cognition in Autism General cognition
Biological motion
  • (PDF) State, trait, and compensatory mechanisms
  • (PDF) Social approach
Genetic mutations, & biological motion
  • (Link) ASD & 16p11.2 CNVs
  • (Link) ASD & genetic mutations
Face processing
  • (PDF) Manipulation of face processing
  • (in prep) Effective connectivity
  • (in prep) Influence of race on aftereffects
Speech processing
  • (submitted) Newborn ERP predictors of ASD/SLI
Social interactions
  • (submitted) Friendship & play
  • (PDF) Social brain and its development in autism
  • (submitted) Change detection
Traumatic brain injury
  • (PDF) Vision
  • (submitted) Working memory
  • (submitted) Spatio-temporal statistical classification
Genetic mutations
  • (Link) Developmental trajectories of 16p11.2 CNVs
  • (submitted) 16p11.2 triplication case study
  • (submitted) Clinical phenotype of DYRK1A
  • (in prep) Sleep profiles of children with mutations & ASD
Genetic phenotypes
  • PDF Use of genetics-first approaches for personalized medicine
  • (accepted) Prenatal antidepressant exposure and genetic mutations on ASD severity
Dynamic processing of information

One of the methods that I have developed targets the ongoing, dynamic processing of information. By using single-trials, I track how the brain habituates (i.e., signal reduces) and/or sensitizes (i.e., signal grows stronger).

  • (Link) Biological motion processing in ASD & 16p11.2 CNVs
  • (Link) Biological motion processing in ASD & genetic mutations
  • (submitted) Newborn ERP speech predictors of ASD/SLI
  • (submitted) Change detection in ASD
  • (revision) Newborn habituation of speech sounds