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22   Hudac, C.M. (in press). Rapid dynamic modulation of ostracism neural responses following social priming.



Hudac, C.M., DesChamps, T.D., Arnett, A.B., Cairney, B.E., Ma, R., Webb, S.J., & Bernier, R.A. (2018). Early enhanced processing and delayed habituation to deviance sounds in autism spectrum disorder. Brain and Cognition123, 110-119.
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17   Wallace, A.S., Hudac, C.M., Berg, J., DesChamps, T.D., Steinman, K., & Bernier, R.A. (accepted). 16p11.2 triplication case study: A summary of neurocognitive, behavioral, and medical findings. Clinical Case Reports.
16 Link Hudac, C.M., Stessman, H.A., Kresse, A., DesChamps, T.D., Webb, S.J., Eichler, E.E., & Bernier, R.A. (2017). Exploring the heterogeneity of neural social indices for genetically distinct etiologies of autism. Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 9(1), 24.
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11 PDF Higdon, R.*, Kincade Earl, R.*, Stanberry, L., Hudac, C.M., Montague, E., Bernier, R.A., & Kolker, E. (in press). The promise of multi-omics and clinical data integration to identify and target personalized healthcare approaches in Autism Spectrum Disorders. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, 2015.
10   Pelphrey, K.P., Vandery Wyk, B.C., Shultz, S., & Hudac, C.M. (2014). Social brain function and its development: New insights into autism spectrum disorders. In J. McPartland, A. Kin, & F.R. Volkmar (Ed.), Asperger Syndrome, Second Edition: Assessing and treating high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. (pp. 415-440) New York, NY: Guilford Publications, Inc.
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7 PDF Hudac, C.M., Kota, S., Nedrow, J.L., & Molfese, D.L. (2012). Neural mechanisms underlying neuro-optometric rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury. Eye and Brain. 2012:4, 1-12. doi: 10.2147/EB.S27290
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  6. Chernyavskiy, P., Hudac, C.M., Marx, D.B., & Molfese, D.L. (2017).A quantitative approach to the diagnosis of head injuries through a spatio-temporal model of the electrophysiological assessment of working memory.

Theme 1: Early emergent social cognition

  1. Hudac, C.M. & Schutte, A.R. (2017). Dynamic neural models of infant word learning and mental state attribution. Manuscript in preparation.

Theme 2: Divergent social cognition

  1. Hudac, C.M., Barbeau, A., Coffman, M., Naples, A., Kresse, A., Faja, S., Ward, T., Mukerji, C., Aaronson, B., McPartland, J.*, & Bernier, R.A.* (2017). "Ineffective" effective connectivity in ASD social brain systems involved in face processing. Manuscript in preparation.
  2. Hudac, C.M. & Webb, S.J. (2017). Stability and habituation of the N170 in autism. Manuscript in preparation.

Other projects in social cognition

  1. Hudac, C.M. (2017) Correspondence between fMRI and ERP support the role of the superior temporal sulcus during action understanding. Manuscript in preparation.

Other work in autism

  1. Earl, R.K., Hudac, C.M., Ward, T., Gerdts, J., Eichler, E., & Bernier, R.A. (under review). Sleep issues in children with ASD and the impact of genetic ASD etiology.
  1. Hudac, C.M., DesChamps, T.D., Slattery, B., Ma, R., Wallace, A.S., Troiani, V., DiCriscio, A.S., Taylor, C., & Bernier, R.A. (May, 2017). Dynamic patterns of attention in children with rare SCN2A genetic variants. Oral presentation for symposium on “Building a phenotype: Discoveries of genetically distinct subtypes of ASD” at the annual International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, CA.
  2. Hudac, C.M. (May, 2017). Panel chair for symposium on “Building a phenotype: Discoveries of genetically distinct subtypes of ASD ” at the annual International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, CA.
  3. Hudac, C.M., Pospisil, J., & Sommerville, J.A. (April, 2017). Infant brain correlates of fairness expectations. Oral presentation for symposium on “The Development of Social Fairness” at the biannual Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, TX.
  4. Hudac, C.M. & Bernier, R.A. (March, 2017). EEG biomarkers of attention and learning associated with rare genetic variants. Oral presentation for symposium on “Electrophysiological Biomarkers of Risk Prediction and Outcome in Neurodevelopmental Disorders:  Methodological considerations and insights gained from studies in ASD, ID and ADHD” at the Gatlinburg Conference in San Antonio, TX.
  5. Hudac, C.M. as program organizer and co-chair of the University of Washington Postdoctoral Association. (May, 2016) Developing agency & effecting change through networking. Moderated panel discussion in Seattle, WA.
  6. Hudac, C.M., DesChamps, T.D., Webb, S.J., & Bernier, R.A. (May 2016). Atypical novelty detection ERP responses associated with genetic but not idiopathic ASD etiologies. Poster presentation at the annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in Baltimore, M.D..
  7. Hudac, C.M. (2016, January). The eyes have it: Potential use for the integration of eye-tracking and single-trial MEG/EEG. Invited talk at the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences seminar series.
  8. Hudac, C.M., Kresse, A., DesChamps, T., Webb, S.J., & Bernier, R.A. (2015, May). Biomarkers of social perception in children with ASD and loss of function gene mutations. Symposium oral presentation at the annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in Salt Lake City, UT.
  9. Hudac, C.M., Sommerville, J., Webb, S.J., Cortesa, C., Schutte, A., & Molfese, D.L. (2015, March). Emergence of Theory of Mind. Poster presentation at the biannual Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) in Philadelphia, PA. [ PDF ] [ videos ]
  10. Hudac, C.M. & Skinner, A.L. (May 22-24, 2014) Arbitrary social decisions moderate the effect of ostracism. Presented at Association for Psychological Science (APS) annual convention in San Francisco, CA. [ PDF ]
  11. Hudac, C.M. & Schutte, A.R. (October 18-19, 2013). Dynamic neural fields models of infant theory of mind. Presented at Cognitive Development Society in Memphis, TN. [ PDF ]
  12. Hudac, C.M. (October 3, 2013). Correspondence between fMRI and ERP: Evidence for social brain networks involved in theory of mind. Presented at Nebraska Neuroscience Symposium in Omaha, NE. [ PDF ]
  13. Hudac, C.M., Haslam, J.A., & Garrison, G.M. (May 23-24, 2013). Modulation of neural mechanisms supporting emotion regulation across pubertal development. Presented at the Midwestern Social Development Consortium annual meeting in Lincoln, NE. [ PDF ]
  14. Hudac, C.M. & Molfese, D.L. (June 26, 2012). Electrophysiological correlates of theory of mind. Presentation at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center Summer Institute on Social Developmental Neuroscience. University of Maryland, College Park, MD. [ PDF ]
  15. Hudac, C.M., Petro, N., Meidlinger, K.M., Haslam, R., Kota, S., Nedrow, J.L., & Molfese, D.M. (2012, March). Correction of visual dysfunction following traumatic brain injury during Stroop color-naming task. Presented at the annual Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) Meeting in Chicago, IL. [ PDF ]

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