. . . . Michael Chapko PhD . . . .


Research Professor
Department of Health Services
School of Public Health
University of Washington
Box 357660
Seattle WA 98195

Health Services Research and Development &
Epidemiology Research and Information Center
Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System (152)
1660 South Columbian Way
Seattle WA 98108

Phone -- (206) 764-2821
Fax -- (206) 764-2935
Web -- http://faculty.washington.edu/chapko/
Email -- chapko@u.washington.edu

Research Interests:


Selected Publications (Domestic Health):

  • Chapko MK, Hedrick SH. Cost as a study outcome: sensitivity of study conclusions to the method of estimating cost. Medical Care . 1999;37:AS37-AS44.
  • Chapko MK, Fisher ES, Welch HG. When shall this patient be seen again? Effective Clinical Practice. 1999;2:37-43.
  • Chapko KM, Weaver MR, Chapko MK, Adamson GD, Pasta D. Stability of in-vitro fertilization success rates from the 1989, 1990, and 1991 Clinic Specific Outcome Assessments. Fertility and Sterility. 1995;64:757-763.
  • Chapko MK, Ehreth JL, Hedrick SH, Rothman ML. Effects of adult day health care on utilization and cost of care for subgroups of patients. Medical Care. 1993; 31:SS62-SS74.
  • Chapko MK, Ehreth JL, and Hedrick S. Methods of determining the cost of health care in the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers and other non-priced settings. Evaluation and the Health Professions. 1991; 14:282-303.
  • Chapko MK. Time to adoption of an innovation by dentists in private practice: Sealant Utilization Journal of Public Health Dentistry. 1991; 51:144-151.
  • Chapko MK, Syrjala KL, Bush N, Jedlow C, Yanke MR. Development of a behavioral measure of mouth pain, nausea, and wellness for patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 1991; 6:15-22.
  • Chapko M, Weissert W, Ehreth JL, Hedrick S, and Kelly J. A model for reducing the cost of care in VA medical centers that offer adult day health care. Journal of Health and Aging. 1990; 2:501-513.
  • Chapko M. Diffusion of knowledge in dentistry: The pit and fissure sealant conferences. International Journal of Health Care Technology 1988; 4:309-318.
  • Chapko M, Bergner M, Green K, Beach B, Milgrom P and Skalabrin N. Development and validation of a measure of dental patient satisfaction. Medical Care 1985; 23:39-49.

Selected Publications (International Health):

  • Chapko MK, Somsé P, Kimball AM, Hawkins RV, Massanga M. Predictors of rape in the Central African Republic. Health Care for Women International. 1999;20:71-79.
  • Somsé P, Chapko MK, Wata JB, Bondha P, Gonda B, Johnson D, Downer A, Kimball AM. Evaluation of a AIDS Training Program for Traditional Healers in the Central African Republic. AIDS Education and Prevention. 1999;10:558-564.
  • Gresenguet G, Kreiss JK, Chapko MK, Hillier SL, Weiss NS. HIV infection and vaginal douching in Central Africa. AIDS. 1997;11:101-106.
  • Weaver M, Ndamobissi R, Kornfield R, Blewane C, Sathe A, Chapko M, Bendje N, Nguembi E, Senwara-Defiobona J. Willingness to pay for child survival: results of a national survey in Central African Republic. Social Science and Medicine. 1996;43:985-998.
  • Chapko MK, Prual A, Gamatié Y, Maazou AA. Randomized clinical trial comparing hospital and ambulatory care for malnourished children in Niger. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. 1994;40:225-230.
  • Somsé P, Chapko MK, Hawkins R. Multiple sexual partners: results of a national HIV/AIDS survey in the Central African Republic. AIDS. 1993; 7:579-583.
  • Chapko MK, Touré IA, Salissou O. The cost of hospital care in Niger for cardiovascular disease associated with hypertension. Health Policy and Planning. 1991;6:320-326.

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