News reports of the immediate impact of the South Asia earthquake:

Kashmir and Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province are the worst-hit areas in the South Asian quake”

“Kashmiris Are Paying Heaviest Price in Earthquake”

“Hundreds of Children Buried in Debris—a ‘lost generation’”

“The UN says the Asia quake aid situation is worse than last December's tsunami and calls for a massive airlift.”

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Information and news from humanitarian relief organizations currently working in Kashmir, Pakistan, and India:

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The international governmental and non-governmental agencies listed here have outstanding reputations in India and Pakistan and internationally. They have been working in these counties in relation to earlier conflict related displacements and development projects; they therefore have storehouses, networks, and experts on the ground who are already providing relief and making provision for longer-term rehabilitation.

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South Asia / Kashmir Earthquake Information
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