About SEWA

SEWA, our client is an organization of poor, self-employed women workers. These are women who earn a living through their own labor or small businesses. SEWA is both an organization and a movement. The SEWA movement is enhanced because it is the confluence of three movements: the labor movement, the cooperative movement and the women’s movement. But it is also a movement of self-employed workers: their own, home-grown movement with women as the leaders. SEWA’s main goals are to organize women workers for full employment whereby workers obtain work security, income security, food security and social security (at least health care, child care and shelter). SEWA organizes women to ensure that every family obtains full employment and works to make women self-reliant i.e. women should be autonomous and self-reliant, individually and collectively, both economically and in terms of their decision-making ability.

To read more about SEWA: http://www.sewa.org/

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