STFC – Day 3: From Artisans to Stores

Today we were really able to see how our project connects within SEWA and understand who we will be impacting through our work. We spent the morning meeting women from Nepal and Bhutan who had come to SEWA for training. The women graciously took time from their lessons to talk with us about their lives and their work. The women were inspiring in their confidence and openness. They shared with us their experiences working for SABAH and what made their work unique and special. It was great to get to connect directly with the artisan who make these beautiful textiles and get to hear from them how that process works. We learned a lot from these meetings that will be very helpful as we think of what the SABAH brand is and how we want to market it.

We also met Monicaben, who helped us to really understand SABAH and its connection with SEWA. Monicaben works with members of SABAH in all the 8 participating countries. From her we were able to recognize the main goal of SABAH to become a sustainable and self-sufficient brand that works in harmony with the Hansiba brand. We are working to make sure that our marketing plan helps SABAH to reach its goals and bolster the brand. After our meetings today we will a lot more attune with our role and how our project fits in within SEWA.

Our finally stop of the day really helped bring everything together. After meeting the home-based artisan workers in the morning, that evening we got to see the end products of their work. We visited the Hansiba store in downtown Ahmedabad, where we were able to see both the Hansiba and SABAH products that were being sold. The most striking thing was being able to see how beautiful and unique all of the different styles were from each country. We were inspired for our project and definitely did not leave empty-handed!

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  1. Karen says:

    Team Ni also visited the Hansiba store in Ahmedabad for “research”! We purchased many beautiful presents for family and friends back home!