Village visit

My group is working with the Hariyali team. Our project is to do an analysis on whether to use solar power or biomass gasification technology for supplying small rural villages with electricity.
Anurag, our manager, and his nephew, Aditya, took us to a small rural village in order to do some primary research. The village partnered with SEWA 7 years ago to put in a 40 Kilowatt (KW) wood-gasification plant in order to get seven hours of electricity per day. The plant took a year and a half to build. It consisted of two hoppers, an engine, a generator, a converter, a wood-chopper, a mini grid, and wiring to all the households. After one day of successful run time, the government decided to intervene by bringing full 24/7 electricity to the village. After the village had full grid electricity, the wood-gasification plant wasn’t used at all and is now completed rusted and unusable. It was a little upsetting to see such a large waste of potential resources. The village people gladly answered all of our questions (thanks to translation from Anurag and Aditya!) and even gave us several glasses of fresh cow’s milk!

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