Hariyali – Prepping for the Field

We’ve just completed our second day in the office.  Andy and Bill have made a fair amount of headway in researching the carbon trading markets as well as collecting and analyzing data.  Ben has begun preliminary modeling of the project’s operations flow and Devon has made headway in identifying identifiable and measurable metrics for the social ROI portion of the project.  We met with Reema-ben in the afternoon to report on the structure of our efforts over the course of the coming week, as well as to gain further insight of what she as the head of SEWA expects of us.

Tomorrow we will do our first site-visit in the village of Ganeshpura, which is located 115km to the north of Ahmedabad.  Meeting the women that are SEWA’s raison d’etre should provide a sense of perspective regarding the purpose of the project.  Most of all it will be advantageous to speak with these people and have the opportunity to view firsthand how they live and do business.  We’ve spent hours upon hours reading; we now look forward to experiencing.  Stay tuned for a more in depth posting tomorrow evening, complete with photos!

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