All of a sudden mid-March is here already!  Our team in Seattle and Ahmedabad has been laboring away to get everything done before our final presentation next week.  Fortunately, despite us being 13.5 hours behind them, the Hariyali team has been reviewing our deliverables and providing us clear feedback and suggestions.  Video calls to connect quasi face-to-face have been our main source of communication. Due to schedule differences one calls was rescheduled for the following week, which worked out fine for both parties.  One truly piece of bad luck is this team’s health!  Tack got the worst of it, suffering from malaria after returning to Seattle, which was followed immediately by being attacked by two different cold viruses.  Just as Tack was fully recovered, Anurag suffered from a sinus infection.  The good news is we are on track to finish on time.  Everyone is doing much better now, and hopefully we can finish this quarter all feeling 100%.

One thing is for sure, we are definitely missing the food in India!

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