One Week to Go

As we come to our final check-in call India seems like a distant memory. The challenges facing the Rachaita Cooperative seem just as apparent, as do the opportunities that the business presents. With the benefits that time allows to gain prospective it seems more and more clear how Rachaita has the chance to really capture a significant share of the market, while improving the lives of women who otherwise have very few opportunities for advancement. In many cases women can more than double their daily wage, and truly help their families on a daily basis.

As we move to the final week we have started to get many of our deliverables in final form, and realize what it means to be helpful to our clients. Rather than focus on major business plan that will get shelved to never be seen again we can really make small incremental recommendations around organization and management, as well as improvements to current systems, to get Rachaita on track to meet its growth goals over the next few three years.

Today we sat and discussed some of the major elements of our plan and had insights around the necessity of improved middle management and a dissemination of skills past Varsha. These accomplishments are critical to Rachaita’s movement from a small operation to one that can grow to the 1000 employees she envisions.

Focusing on our client—and defining who that client really is—has been critical. The women who can get hired on by Rachaita with this growth plan will have the opportunity to change their lives through stable work and an increase in wages. This might mean savings and security above any opportunity they currently have. We want to make sure that the changes we recommend will help both the current and future workers to have a steady job and be able to better plan for the future.

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