Making progress!

Wow! The end of the quarter is rapidly approaching and we still have a lot of work to do!  Two weeks ago, our team submitted our Impact Assessment deliverable to the Hariyali staff for them to review.  We have now completed one of our four scope items for the project.  The three remaining scope items are as follows: Carbon Credit Program – Project Design Document, Key Communication Messages & Strategy, and a scale-up questionnaire.  Anurag has helped us prioritize the completion of all of the scope items, communicating to us what is most urgent, while keeping in mind what are realistic deadlines.  We plan to first complete the PDD draft and Key Communication Messages & Strategy write up, and then finish with the scale-up questionnaire.  We hope this will help us create the questionnaire with good awareness of the culture, industry, and market.

 Our next call with Anurag is this Thursday, February 21.  We are looking forward to hearing his feedback on our Impact Assessment write up.  In addition, we plan to ask if there is any special topics that he would like us to include in our final presentation.

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