India: Now that we are back

India trip was great! Our visits to the centers, villages, houses, sites, eco-farm, museum, etc. were all educative and at times even overwhleming. Now when we look back and reflect, overall it was a very enriching experience.

When we were in India we got to interact with the SEWA members and authorities, got a closer look at their hardships, realized the obstacles, learnt details about their strategy, got a fair idea about the functional model and gathered data about their finances. Now that we are back with to Seattle with all the information, we are trying to make sense out of it. While we got clarity on a lot of aspects, some things left us perplexed and gave birth to new questions. At times we still feel that we are missing pieces of the puzzle, and can’t wait to put all of it together.

The enthusiasm is amazing, but at the same time there is a lot of pressure to deliver high quality material. There’s that apprehension: What if we are not able to deliver what they want? What if they don’t give us feedback on time for us to fix/ tweak our deliverables as per their needs? What if they never use the business plan we provide?

Our team is excited to take on this challenge, produce desired results and empower those SEWA members we met in India!

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