Working Across Time Zones

Working on an international consulting project has its challenges while away from the country of origin! The largest challenge has been communications. With Skype calls, it has been quite difficult to actually have one happen when planned. While we might put something on the calendar and confirm it on India’s end, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the call will happen. Thus far, our team has not had a Skype call happen during the planned time. It is also a challenge to work across time zones when emailing. It might require us to wait a few days in between email responses because India is 13.5 hours ahead of us. Getting answers takes time and patience!

There is also a challenge with being lost in translation – both in conversation, and in the materials we are producing. I think one fear our team has is being able to explain each aspect of our work and exactly what we have done and how each part can be used to help improve the Gitanjali business. What we are doing to combat this is be very clear with every part we are working on and communicate as much as possible. We are using the internet, Skype, and written communication to describe our actions and how each part works. We hope this will help our tools be used when we are no longer working on the project.

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