India was amazing… now let the work begin.

WOW.  By now, most of us have trickled back to the US over the past week or so.  We have taken time to digest all of the information we received while in India.  And in some ways we (at least the Gitangali team) are back to our original thoughts from our first post.

While the initial overwhelming feeling of discouragement due to the sheer number of people in India faded away during our experience on the subcontinent, it still remains in the back of our mind as we embark on the final deliverables for this project.  While the 1.2 billion population is daunting, we realized that making one person smile isn’t quite as far-fetched as helping a billion people.  But now that we have shared our smiles with the sisters at SEWA we need to deliver more than smiles.  We need to deliver results.  Feelings of discouragement rise again.  Maybe discouragement isn’t the right word, but we fear failure.  We fear not giving back as much as we have received on our trip.

The experience for us was amazing, and we hope to return amazing results to Gitangali.  While it seemed daunting at first, we have a clear scope of how we can help.  But what if our plan doesn’t work?  What if it’s a great report that doesn’t get actioned?  What if we went into this project overwhelmed, and gained our footing only to lose it again by underwhelming our stakeholders who need us the most.

In some ways we are back to square one.  Hopefully a little more enlightened, a little more knowledgeable, and a little more confident than we were at the onset.  Now all we can do is try our best to let the experience we had work for us and take that passion to provide the best results we can.  Hopefully in the end we can say that we provided more than smiles.

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