Visavdi CLBRC

On Saturday, December 15, our team got the opportunity to visit an existing Community Learning Business Resource Center (CLBRC) in Visavdi. This was our first time visiting an operating CLBRC since being in Gujarat. As usual, the women and children welcomed us to the site with open arms, (as well as providing us with chai and a delicious lunch).

The Visavdi site was exactly what we envisioned a CLBRC site to look like. In the CLBRC, there were the following activities: sewing room (tailoring training), computer hardware/software training room, training room (for agriculture, management, etc.), meeting room, table for RUDI merchandise, and an outdoor green house.

During our visit, we also got the chance to speak, with the assistance of Rushi, with a large group of SEWA members about their use of ICT (more details to come in a later blog post).

Overall, this was a great opportunity for us to picture what the new site in Rajasthan would look like. When we were in Rajasthan visiting potential sites for a new CLBRC, it was difficult for us to picture what the site would look like once it was operating. This gave us much more context to help with the planning of the new site. We hope the new site is as successful as this existing site!

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