Big Ah Ha’s in Ahmedabad

We’ve officially been in in India for three days and there are new learnings everyday.

This morning we learned that in order to get a full cup of coffee you have to ask for “American Coffee”. It also came to light that the juice and the chutney (both delicious) most likely contain untreated water.  The group vows that we will all now go down together should our tummies revolt against us.

It has been an exciting first day: seeing the SEWA headquarters that we have all been imagining for months, meeting clients, and learning about our projects.

Today has mostly been an exercise in learning how to ask the right questions.  Already our team gained insight into the structure of SEWA and the Manager ni School project. We had both the right and wrong idea about the scope of our project and learned that asking questions in lots of different ways will get you to the answer you need (but will create even more questions).

Outside of navigating the client/ consultant relationship, India is all the things it promises to be: busy, crazy rides down congested streets, monkeys on the rooftops, vibrant colors, diverse culture and delicious food.

We can only hope that we are able to offer the inspiring women of SEWA as much as SEWA and India has to offer us.

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