Final Presentation

Yesterday we delivered our final presentation on RUDI to SEWA. Payalben and Reemaben from SEWA were in attendance on the India side of our (somewhat flakey) video conference call, while all four of us (Ben, Laura, Carly, Naman) were on the conference from Seattle. Umaben was in Sri Lanka, so she could not attend the conference call.

In our presentation, we outlined recommendations for the existing districts in which Rudi operates. Some of our recommendataions pertained to Rudi while others pertained to the Castor trade. Many of our recommendations could be applied to both. We also delivered a decision making framework that identifies the key activities that need to occur as Rudi operations expand. Within each phase, we outlined the key challenges facing Rudi and proposed recommendations for how best to tackle these challenges. Finally, we talked about how to create a culture of constant improvement through goal-setting and evaluation.

The presentation was well received, and at Reemaben’s request, we will be putting together a summarized list of the major takeaways from the project. Next week we will meet with the Deans of the business school to discuss this pilot “Global Consulting Project” and its future (which I’m sure will be very bright).

Thanks to everyone who played a role in making this project happen!

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