STFC Week 7 – The final push

Ishita here. The countdown has begun for the STFC team as well as all other teams that decided to be part of this wonderful experience with the global consulting project.

Last week was not only super busy for the STFC team but also a chaotic week. With all the changes in weather and a super hectic work schedule I got sick and Sara was busy taking the key next steps in the life of every MBA student – interviewing for jobs :) We were both unable to make it to the pre-prep presentation so Ananta decided to step up and present all by herself. THANK YOU Ananta!

This week Sara and I are back in the groove again and the entire team is furiously making edits to the final deliverables to be presented to SEWA. We are scheduled for Friday this week. We feel a mix of excitement and trepidation for the big day. We received a lot of great feedback from our classmates which has been instrumental in helping us give shape to the final presentation. After hours of discussions, brainstorms, skype calls, online research, mentor sessions and venting sessions we feel proud to have accomplished so much on the project! We definitely have a new perspective after having done this project . This opportunity has also enabled us to apply the fundamentals we have learned in our strategy & marketing classes as well as helped us deep dive into the world of Retail, apparel & lifestyle products &handicrafts. Most importantly, we learned to understand the challenges of the poor women in the small villages of India (as well as the sub-continent) and see the determination behind their smiling faces. The grit to bring themselves and their families out of poverty through hard-work, a sense of belief and optimism. So here’s to all these women who are an inspiration to us…we hope we do make a difference in your lives through this humble project of ours.



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