STFC Week 6- Pulling Out All The Stops

It’s all coming to an end and fast! Next week our team will present the first draft of our second and final deliverable to our professor and our classmates. As the excitement builds up so does the stress and the workload. We had worked relentlessly to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly relevant document the first time around and now we are concentrating on providing a long term strategic model for brand building, growth, and expansion.  

This week we tried to scope out how to tackle and drive such a huge initiative in such a short time span of mere weeks. We also met with our mentor, Amy who helped pictorially plan out the frameworks we can use to iterate and present our recommended processes in a direct and coherent way. As budding consultants, my teammates and I spent long hours yesterday night brainstorming and developing our main ideas.

 Now that we have started working at a feverish pace to attain our end goal, we are getting the energy to keep going from the adrenaline rush of reaching the finish line and completing our project! A project that is aimed to provide the SABAH and Hansiba brands the opportunity to flourish and to make the lives of millions of women better and more empowered. Three cheers to woman empowerment from the gals of the STFC team!!!

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