RUDI – Only 3 Weeks to Go

3 weeks left to put together a final product for RUDI and SEWA. The 4 of us spent this past week doing a lot of outside research. We wanted to see how other companies and organizations tackle rural marketing, and the agribusiness in the developing world. Taking a tip from one of our mentors, we watched a TED Talk on how condoms were marketed in Thailand. While very entertaining, I’m not sure if it really applies to our project. Feel free to watch the video here. We also looked into available technology, Coca-Cola’s tactics, and how Gates is doing what is it doing in Africa. While all the information was interesting, it doesn’t seem to be helpful in assisting us with the final deliverable. Regardless, it was good to see what other people are doing. It seems like this decision-making model is a new addition to non-profit and rural development tool kits.

We’ve received feedback from Umaben and Payalben on our castor and RUDI comparative analyses, which was extremely helpful in helping us take the next steps needed. SEWA’s goal is still to grow RUDI from 25 crores to 100 crores within a 5 year period. As much as we would love to be able to give a specific plan to achieve that, it’s just not feasible in the time frame we have or with the information we have access to. Instead, what we hope to do is provide a framework for expansion and bettering the current districts. If they utilize this framework, they should be able to grow as desired, but providing specific numbers is not something we are equipped to do with the available resources.

We spent several hours during our last meeting thinking really high level and brainstorming all the questions SEWA should consider before entering a new district. We also performed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis on the two business lines. Next steps are formulating a rough draft of the decision tree we hope will begin to ease some of the hardships of low-performing districts and expansion. We have a call scheduled with Umaben and Paylaben this Thursday to discuss the rough draft. Hopefully they find it useful and implementable!

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