STFC Week 5 – Full Speed Ahead

We had a big win this week with our project. After making the changes suggested in our last Skype call, we resent our deliverable and gotten a green light on it! We are very excited to have created a marketing plan for the new store that can be implemented back in Mumbai. We are eager to hear about the store opening and see pictures of how it looks once it is open in March! We hope that our suggestions will help make it a successful opening.

Now that we have finished our first deliverable, we are moving on to focus on the final deliverable. We are taking a step back and looking more long-term for this deliverable. Our goal is to create a long-term marketing strategy for the Sabah brand. Once there is proof-of-concept (the Mumbai store), what should the next steps for the brand be? We are looking to help answer that question and provide guidance on what the next 5 years should look like to grow the brand successfully.

We met this week and began our planning for this next deliverable. Each of us has taken on a part of the larger project to research. We are also planning on meeting with Amy again next week to discuss our thoughts with her. Hopefully we will also be able to arrange a meeting with someone within Nordstrom to get another perspective on our work.

The last piece that we have started to compile is the photo journal. SEWA is interested in all the teams creating a visual journal of our trip and the women who we met with. We are  currently going through our pictures to develop that, which we will also present alongside our final deliverable in three weeks.

Now that it is all outlined, we have a lot to do! So we are going to stop blogging and start working for now. Until next week …


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