STFC Week 4 – A really productive week!

Ishita here. Let me start out by sharing that we only realized this week that we had accomplished a TON since we got back from our India trip and it was the recognition we received from some of our classmates , our mentor Amy and Cate that helped us see this! Sometimes it is easy to get trapped into the details and not stop to give oneself enough credit :)

That said, much happened last week. Our Skype call last Thursday was good but also a bit of a damper as we received more feedback than anticipated and an additional request to add to the breadth of material already covered in our very detailed presentation. And this is only our first deliverable yet! While the volume of work ahead of us is still a bit overwhelming given all other school work, upcoming midterms, job search and full-time work (for me); the feedback was also instrumental in enabling us to start planning our next set of deliverables. Besides, we do really appreciate these Skype sanity checks as our goal from this project is to deliver recommendations that the STFC-Sabah teams back in India can actually use. That would be a great personal win for all three of us.

Another highlight of the week was Ananta’s meeting with Amy¬†Buckalter¬†- President & Chief Pivot Officer at Pivot Partners LLC. Amy was able to provide us with great insights into the brand positioning and promotional aspects for the upcoming Mumbai store. Her vast experience in Marketing and understanding of things to focus on when marketing to women (our primary target for the Mumbai store) came through in the feedback and has allowed us to make changes to our deliverable to align with the STFC’s needs. A special shout-out to Ananta who was having a rough time last week (she had a fall & sprained her leg :( ) but still managed to keep us moving forward by volunteering to meet with Amy despite the injury as Sara and I could not make it given other conflicts. This project has been a wonderful experience not only at learning to apply the concepts we learn at school but also getting an opportunity to work with great team members.

We have a few more weeks of hard work ahead of us as we re-shape our current deliverable and start building out the long term strategy of where the Hansiba-SABAH brands should go. Look forward to checking in again next week..

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