STFC Week 3– Getting Back Into The Groove

Following a flurry of snow days and a race to finish our first deliverable (remotely…since we all were stuck at our respective homes), we are proud and relieved to have accomplished and delivered a huge task earlier this week despite setbacks that Mother Nature had bestowed on us:-) . While we have been grappling with pending individual and group assignments for our course loads, things are now starting to settle back into routine.

This week, we got a chance to connect with our mentor who has a deep background in retail marketing. We hope to meet her next week as well as to get some advice to help us better position our marketing plan to our stakeholders at the STFC.

Following a Skype call with Rahulbhai, from STFC, we got some very valuable feedback on the first draft of our proposed strategy for the Mumbai store. With a few changes in the offing that we have already started working on as a team, we plan to deliver the final document in the next two weeks.

We are glad that we are working in a setting where we can reach out our primary stakeholders and can clarify that we are moving in the right direction. This ensures that we are producing work that is essentially the requirement of the client. Skype sessions like the one we just had with Rahul bhai, are means of communicating and confirming that our efforts as MBA students will truly be relevant and applicable to the Retail strategy for Hansiba and SABAH products in their entirety.

We have been so busy slogging away on the project as soon as the quarter began, that it is incomprehensible that it has been over a month since our visit to SEWA came to a close. We are determined to continue working hard to provide our best through the Collective Marketing project and hope to learn more and more as we gradually reach the homestretch!

And before we sign off….wishing India a very Happy Republic Day!! One of the most important days in Indian history, it is on this day, Jan 26th, that the Constitution of India came into effect and the country became a sovereign state.

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