RUDI: Our time in Ahmedabad comes to a close

All 15 members of our group spent yesterday sharing our activities with SEWA, in and around Ahmedabad, and project scope for our specific group with directors, managers, and other SEWA staff. I feel it was great to share across the SEWA Rural group, instead of just within our group (for us RUDI Multi-trading Co.). It was a great reminder that SEWA is a collaborative effort from farmers up to the director of SEWA’s rural initiatives. Although we were┬áinundated information over the last 10 days, individuals from different groups still provided key insights on our project scope and questions that we had.

During the last 10 days, I discovered that there are tens of thousands of marginalized women (and in some cases, men) making tremendous strides towards a better life through the support of SEWA. It’s the members that face the struggles and challenges in daily life. And it’s the members that better understand the value of self-reliance and hard work. It’s with the members in mind that we go back to PACCAR Hall in Seattle and put forth our best effort to help them, and hopefully others, get one step closer towards their goal.

For pictures of our trip, RUDI Agri-business Picasa Album.


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