STFC Week 2 – Snowpocalypse

It doesn’t snow very often here in Seattle. More than in India :) , but infrequently enough to shut down the city every time we get more than a dusting. Over this week, we have gotten on average about half a foot in the city. Having lived in Boston, yes, I am aware that this is not a lot of snow. But for Seattle, a city entirely unprepared to deal with snow, it is quite the event. A snowpocalyse in fact.

So, because of this, several things have happened. First, we only ended up having one day of school this week. The snow started last Sunday and abated enough for us to return to school Tuesday. However, UW ended up closing the campus on Wednesday for what looks to be the rest of the week.

This has had a pretty big effect on our lives in general and on this project. We have been working on finishing our first big deliverable this week – a marketing plan for the new Hansiba store, which will beĀ openingĀ this March in Mumbai. Our scheduled meetings for the project had to become Skype calls, as we were all stuck in our houses this week. So we haven’t met in person as a team all week. Also, Ishita’s house lost power today and we are hoping she has been able to stay warm!

Ananta and I had our Skype call tonight with the STFC team in India. We discussed our upcoming deliverable. We are nearly done, but are waiting for Ishita to get power back so that she can review the final document before we send it off. The snow has definitely had a big influence on everything this week!

For everyone in Seattle reading this, enjoy the snow!


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