Last Day in Ahmedabad

Today was our final day in Ahmedabad, as well as the day we presented the fruits of our labor to SEWA.  The morning was spent like most every other since we arrived, hitting the breakfast buffet at the Lemon Tree Hotel.  After a typical breakfast of savory Indian grub and watermelon juice we made our way to the office to put the finishing touches on our preliminary deliverables.  After lunch we adjourned upstairs to a larger conference room, where we were joined by the RUDI, STFC and NI teams, to give presentations regarding our progress to the broader SEWA leadership.   As each team gave their report outlining the purpose of their project and what they had learned since we arrived in Gujarat, one couldn’t help but reflect on how much learning had occurred over the course of such a short time frame.  At the conclusion of the meeting we verified what would be expected of us upon returning to the states.

Leaving SEWA HQ for the last time a few of us ventured out to secure provisions for the night’s celebrations!  While Gujarat is a dry state it is not illegal for non-Gujarati’s to purchase and consumer alcohol, there’s just a lot of red tape.  After a quick drink at the hotel we made our way to dinner. As a reward for traveling to India and providing consulting services SEWA treated us all to a delicious traditional Gujarati dinner!  Outside of the work environment everybody seemed relaxed and at ease.  It was great to have to opportunity to converse with our hosts on a more personal level, and the cuisine was great!  After dinner we returned to the hotel to enjoy a few drinks with our fellow classmates.  Toasting the learning experiences we had enjoyed in our time here, we prepared ourselves for the remaining work to be done once we returned to the states.

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