STFC Week 1 – Coming back from winter break

Ishita here.  It is so different writing for the blog again after a long wonderful winter break. The effect is much more pronounced given that my last blog was written while sitting at home back in Ahmedabad (or a home away from home as I think of Seattle as home too).  Much has happened in the time our team came back from India and now. Sara had great Holidays with her family and a fun time devouring all the goodies made by her mom. Ananta spent time socializing with her family in Delhi before flying back to the U.S. and also celebrated her birthday recently.  I spent the last week of December visiting my family (after 2 years!)  in Mumbai  and recapturing all the great memories of the “Maximum city”

Now that we are all back refreshed from our vacations, we have been spending a considerable amount of time poring over the numerous notes taken during the India visit and consolidating them. Patterns have started to emerge as we analyze our data nudging us forward on our quest to make solid, practical recommendations for the SABAH project and make real impact through our project.

This week we specifically focused on revisiting the scope and developing the Letter of intent as requested by SEWA. We now feel like we have a good roadmap to hit the ground running. The only thing that remains is a final blessing from the STFC team back in India. The communication breakdowns that sometimes occur as we try to align across continents serve to remind us to come to the table with creative solutions & to push the boundaries of our own experiences. We learnt in our management class that working with virtual teams is not easy.  So true! Not easy but not impossible either!

Our next milestone is coming up soon and work has commenced full swing. Ananta, Sara and I are knee deep into developing a Retail strategy for the Hansiba/SABAH store opening soon in Mumbai. We will keep the STFC corner updated on what’s happening as we get further along. So long…

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