Hariyali – Entry 1

The last few days have been full of travel and fun. The Hariyali group consists of Andy Passic, Ben Boynton, Devon McGill and Bill Scammell. While Devon arrived in India on Tuesday, December 6th, the rest of us departed Seattle on Friday and arrived on Saturday the 10th. We flew into Mumbai and managed a few hours sleep before travelling on to Ahmedabad on Sunday morning. We spent the afternoon seeing the city, including the Gandhi Ashram and the best shopping Ahmedabad has to offer. Our next stop was an organic farm associated with SEWA where we met the women that run the farm and heard their story. Beginning in the mid eighties these women were effectively hired servants working at local farms. Seeking something of their own they were able to gain a 30-year lease on a piece of “wasteland” and worked to clear it and make it suitable for farming. Since that time they have continued to improve irrigation and other aspects of the property, and it has become quite beautiful. For our visit we were joined by members of SEWA affiliate groups from Nepal and Bhutan. After a delicious dinner cooked and served by the women who run the farm we were able to see first hand examples of solar lanterns and eco-stoves, the centerpieces of our consulting project. After asking some preliminary questions regarding their use in the everyday lives of these women we returned to the hotel to rest up for the first official day of work with SEWA. Stay tuned…

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  1. Karthik says:

    Aah. the dinner – Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Aloo Sabzi, Khadi, Pakora, Paratha, Rice, Burfi, Pickles & Buttermilk – Fit for a king!!
    The cook stoves were really interesting, given the volume of food they sometimes have to make for visitors.