STFC Day 10 – Our Final Day

These last 10 days of meetings, village visits, chai tea, and mice have been so much more than any of us were expecting. Today was our final meeting with SEWA before heading off to Delhi and then back home. We all spent time presenting on our experiences these past 10 days and our plan moving forward. Our team spent most of our time here in Ahmedabad trying to gather as much information as we could about both SABAH and the general STFC model. We now feel like at the end of this visit we have a good idea of both and how we want to approach the collective marketing plan for SABAH once we get back to the US. After presenting our final plan to SEWA, we took one final group picture of the STFC team.

Later that night, we all went out to a final dinner together. We had a great final meal with everyone from UW and SEWA together along several large tables. We were served our food on “eco-friendly” leaf plates – the ultimate in compostable dinnerware! Everything was delicious and it was a great final send-off from SEWA and Ahmedabad.

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