Cricket…..rules of engagement – game tonight

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Each cricket game is played by 2 teams of 11 players each – typically 6 batsmen, 1 wicket keeper & 4 bowlers.  The roles are not exclusive and can be shared.  The pitch is the brown strip on which the game is played.  The field of course is the green turf surrounding the pitch.

The game begins with a toss where the team captain who wins the toss decides whether to bat or bowl.  The objective is to score more runs than the other team in 50 ‘overs’.  Each over is 6 balls (or deliveries – analogous to pitching ).  Note that one team gets to bats all 50 overs (an innings), then the next team bats. Runs are score by batting in pairs.  1 run is scored each time the two batters exchange ends by running along the pitch.  Multiple runs can be scored (running to & fro) on each ball.  4 runs are scored when the batsman hits the ball past the boundary of the field.  6 runs are scored when the ball is hit past the boundary without the ball touching the ground.

The aim of the bowling team (i.e. the bowlers) is to get all the batsmen out for minimum runs.  A batsman is out when he is batting if the ball hits the 3 sticks (stumps) that he is standing in front of or if the ball hits his bat and then is caught be any fielder before it hits the ground.  A batsman can also be out if he is judged to have blocked the ball with his legs (or body) that would have gone on to hit the stumps otherwise – a little technical here.  A batsman can also be run out if the stumps are broken at the end he is running to before he gets there.  Keeping it simple here, but there are other dismissals and many other rules which shall be explained in context as they happen :)

Quick note: Bowlers can be spinners or fast bowlers (also medium pacers – slower fast bowlers).  The bowler has to roll his arm when delivering the ball without bending his elbow.  The ball is allowed to hit the ground once before reaching the batsman which allows it to turn or swing off the pitch.  The ball itself is made of leather; white for flood lit matches and has a well-defined seam on it.

…and The number 1 rule in cricket: Always support India – the world champions!!

The game tonight is between India and West Indies (i.e. Carribean nations).  Indian batting is famed whereas the West Indian lineup has a lot of fiery young bowlers who add spice to the game!  The game is being played at the “Chepauk” which is a 45,000 capacity stadium in Chennai (located in Tamil Nadu – Southern part of India).  The game is the last one in a 5 match series which India has already leads 3-1 (i.e. has won the series).

For everyone who is interested, whether we watch it in one of our rooms or the lobby, we’ll decide after we get to the hotel.  Given that the game starts at 3:00 pm ish and runs for 7 hours. So, we’ll probably begin watching towards the middle or end of the game (i.e. second innings).

Players to watch out for: Virender Sehwag – just set a world record for the highest runs by any player in the history of the game in the last match – 219 in one game.  The god of cricket – Sachin is not playing this match.  Ravi Rampaul is a mean fast bowler from West Indies has been pretty successful this series.

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  1. Karthik says:

    INDIA WON!! and that too handsomely….

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