Team Ni – Stacie’s Studio – Henna Happenings

This is a personal perspective from Team Ni member Stacie.

So all of the women in our India consulting trip were super excited to get henna and we had been talking about it for days. Finally the weekend came and we had our chance. On Saturday we went to the National Handloom Store that was close to our hotel to get henna done. To our surprise there where two male henna artists waiting to create our masterpieces. As we were unsure of how they would turn out, we each cautiously requested henna on just one arm. The men used what looked like cake frosting tubes to create intricate designs on each of our hands and forearms. The thing about henna is that after it is applied, it must dry undisturbed for up to 3-4 hours, a time during which your plained limb is must remain incapacitated. Afterwhich the henna flakes off…..all over your (or Andy’s) hotel room.

The next day the henna looked awesome, so much so that we all returned for more. We got our remaining hands/arms and our feet/ankles done. Karen even got a sleeve! Our henna venture was alot of fun and will continue to be fun for the next two weeks! That’s all for now from Stacie’s Studio.

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  1. Laura says:

    The women we visited in Mehsana today even commented on how great our henna looked! We did make sure and clarify that we’re not preparing for our wedding though:)