Team Ni – Jon’s Jacuzzi

This is a personal perspective from Team Ni member Jon.

Hello from Jon’s part of this house, unfortunately referred to as Jon’s Jacuzzi, due to a lack of common household rooms starting with the letter “J.”  However, in keeping with the carefree nature of a good soak, I hope to be able to inform those who come after us on an important aspect of making the most of one’s time in Gujarat – especially when that time comes just after a gauntlet of final exams.

Gujarat is a dry state and is roughly the size of California, making it difficult to just dash across the border to stock up.  This is because Gandhi did most of his teaching here, and his aversion to alcohol became law.  And these rules are strictly enforced.  Here’s a side tip: hide any duty free liquor purchased in the airport in your luggage right away, as it’s not clear if it will be confiscated.  I was yelled at by one airport employee for carrying a bottle out of the airport, even though it was inside my sealed Duty Free bag.  I discovered later that he may have been doing me a huge favor.

However, we are Americans.  It turns out that you can apply for a license from your hotel that will permit you to buy legally.  Which is far better than the alternative black market, discovered to be a grain alcohol mixed with scotch “flavoring” and Indian spices.  You should inquire about this license right away in your hotel, they will not tell you about it.  Then this license can be taken to another hotel, which admittedly, one week in we have yet to find.  At this hotel, we are told, a small selection of alcohol can be purchased.  I’m afraid that the beer and wine drinkers will be out of luck on all fronts.

Well, that’s all from the Jacuzzi, relax and enjoy!

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