Team Ni – D.J.’s Den – Indian Food and Sweating

This is a personal perspective from Team Ni member D.J.

I have the unfortunate body makeup that makes me sweat when I eat spicy food. The food does not even have to be very spicy for me to start getting a little perspiration above my brow, and almost all spicy ethnic food that I eat in America makes me sweat.

Unfortunately, I think our group leader Alpa believes that I might be on the verge of needing medical attention when we eat lunches in the villages (or Indian food in general) and I start sweating. While visiting the Visavadi SEWA Community Learning Center (CLC), we were served a very nice lunch, that was slightly spicy. Predictably, I started sweating. To make matters worse, this CLC was located in the desert and the building we were eating in was starting to heat up, which only made my sweating worse. Alpa was concerned, and kept asking me if the food was too spicy. Despite my attempts to let her know that I was fine and that I sweat when I eat spicy food, she did not believe me. She was so concerned about my “issues” with spicy food that she told one of the members to have them make the food less spicy for me at the village we were scheduled to visit the following day.

So, if you are in India, and you sweat when you eat spicy food, be prepared to receive extra attention and legitimate concern about your wellbeing from the local Indians.

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