STFC – Day 7: Annual Meeting and Marketing Study

Today was a break from our regular routine. Most mornings each of our groups go their separate ways and we spend our days working separately on our projects. Today brought everyone back together and was a good reminder of how all of our projects are linked together. All four groups piled into cars this morning and drove out to witness the final day of SEWA’s annual meeting.

It was an amazing experience. Over 500 of the 1.3 million members were there. We got to see the newly elected leaders be recognized and heard from several speakers, including one of the women we met on our village visit. Although we did not all understand the speeches, they were clearly very passionate and uplifting and got great reactions from the crowd. The meeting ended with all the women dancing – not something we usually see back home!

After the meeting and lunch at Havmor (quickly becoming our go-to place for lunch and ice cream), the STFC headed off to the Hansiba store. As part of our marketing project, we wanted to conduct a pricing study. We took several representative items from the store and asked customers at Hansiba for their opinions on the price of the items and what qualities were most important. In exchange we gave each of our participants a 10% discount on everything in the store that afternoon.

Everyone from the other groups showed up to support our study. We are so grateful for their help and support with our study. We gathered a lot of insightful data for our marketing plan and Hansiba got a lot of business as well! The small store was overrun once everyone had arrived and we ended up having one of the highest day of sales the store had ever seen!

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