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Andy here, Bill has graciously allowed me to be a guest blogger (so I apologize upfront for what will likely be an unprofessional post!).  The last two days have been spent in the Grassroots Trading Network offices, studiously researching, modeling, writing, and discussing each of our aspects of the project.  At the end of each day, as I leave our conference table, I realize that I haven’t even stood up more than once or twice throughout the day.  Desk work is exhausting!   I’ve found that my stomach is a pretty good indicator of what time it is.  Around 10:30 every morning, I start salivating because I know that our first cup of chai tea is on the way.

Its probably a good thing the chai doesn't come in bigger cups

I’m thinking the MBA program should start serving chai, especially during classes like accounting or ethics as this might improve attendance.  I have every intention of becoming a regular chai drinker when I get home.  Does anyone have a recommendation for the best place to get it in Seattle?  Anyways, after chai we do some more work…blah…blah…blah.  Then, lunch!  By the time I can’t stand it anymore because I’m so hungry, we get served lunch by 1:30ish.  Lunch is either homemade by the women in the office or it is a takeout style Indian meal served in cardboard pizza-ish box.  The packaging looks like a TV dinner, but it is WAY better than any TV dinner I’ve ever had.  All the lunches have been fantastic, although I have no idea what I’m eating (Gujarat, besides being dry is also a vegetarian state, so we each a lot of vegetables. Aren’t you proud of me, Mom?).  After lunch, more work.  THEN, afternoon chai is served by 4pm.  MMMMMmmmmm.

Look how excited Devon is for chai

We leave the office about 6pm and brave the evening traffic for the 10 minute ride back to the hotel.  Each night is a new adventure, where Ben will tell me that he needs to finish some homework and I convince him to put it off until the next morning (I’m a bad influence on him).  Last night we visited Chinatown for some Indian Chinese food that turned out to be more Chinese than Indian, but it was good.  We are doing dinner tonight with the entire group.  Not sure where, but I’ve already called SHOTGUN in the cab (its the most exciting/dangerous seat while driving in Indian traffic).

I just played the Rebecca Black - Friday song in the office and the rest of the team has banned me from turning on my computer speakers ever again.  Guess it’s time to go.  Hariyali team is out for the weekend, leave a message at the beep.  BEEP.

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  1. Tim Hossain says:

    Andy- You can get some good chai from Fuel, also Starbucks has a good blend. Also doesn’t chai mean tea? So you’ve been drinking tea tea :-)