STFC Day 5 – Planning a Hansiba event

Today was an exciting day! Our idea on doing a pricing research study at the Hansiba store was very well received by the SEWA TFC team and took flight on short notice. Everything from the logistics to the planning came together in a few hours! The plan is to conduct a pricing research study combined with a promotional event on Saturday, December 17th at the Hansiba store here in Ahmedabad.

We spent the day brainstorming on the event, designing a poster for the event, finalizing the details of the study and picking out samples for the study. It was a great experience selecting the intricate handmade scarves from India & Nepal, vivid cushion covers from Bangladesh and beautiful tunics from Pakistan. Learning about the different nuances of the embroidery done by different countries like the Aari embroidery from India, Jasti embroidery from Pakistan, Alloo fabric from Nepal and Kantha work from Bangladesh was fascinating. We are looking forward to getting word out for the event. Saturday seems to promise a lot of fun and hardwork at this time.

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