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Our Visit to the One Thousand Year Old Village of Doja

The Dungarpur District in Rajasthan encompasses a number of rural villages lacking electricity, running water, and the basic comforts of modern life.  The terrain is treacherous, with rocky, dry hills and narrow dirt roads.  As an agricultural society, the majority … Continue reading

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The best day in Ahmedabad was, by far, the day we visited Rudiben in their homes. We had the opportunity to meet and interview six Rudiben. We learned their stories and how Rudi changed their lives. In the rural villages … Continue reading

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An Interview with a SEWA member

For the SEWA Manager Ni School team’s first blog post, we’d like to feature one of the case studies that we did while visiting the Visavadi Community Learning and Business Resource Center (CLBRC) in Surendranagar. We’re posting the write up … Continue reading

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