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I am an associate professor of political science, adjunct associate professor of statistics, and core faculty member of the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Substantive Interests

My research in political economy and comparative politics ranges over many topics: the politics of monetary policy, the politics of bureaucratic power, the politics of budget trade-offs, the domestic impact of international trade, and the comparative study of institutions governing health.

Methodological interests

I specialize in the visual display of scientific information, particularly the illustration of substantive findings from statistical models. I’m also interested in statistical inference on data whose logical bounds make estimation easier (or simply possible), as in the study of political rank, compositional data (such as state budgets and trade portfolios), and ecological inference.

Other activities

I serve as an expert witness on the use of statistical methods to resolve contested elections. I also consult on matters relating to statistical methodology and data visualization.


13-feb-18.  Interactive graphic:
Who’s Winning the Olympics? is an interactive graphic exploring the age old question: is the “winner” of the Olympics the country with the most golds or the most medals overall? A fun illustration of the capabilities of R, Shiny, and tile.

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