Aurel Bulgac

The papers I have written with them can be found on my publication list.

G. Wlazlowski,  assistant professor Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland and visiting assistant professor, Physics, UW

Ionel Stetcu, Acting Assistant Professor,  Dept. of Physics, UW (2009-2011), now on staff in Theory Division, LANL, Los Alamos

Kenneth J. Roche,   Comp. Sci. and Math. Div. , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and affiliate associate professor, Physics, UW

Yuan Lung (Alan) Luo,   Winner of the Karrer prize 2010  and Graduate Medal of College of A&S (2013), and Henderson prize (2014). June 13th, 2013 Alan successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Sukjin Yoon,  PhD defense, March 2010 and is now a postdoc at APCTP, S. Korea

Joaquin E. Drut, PhD defense, March 6, 2008. Winner of the 2009 Henderson prize and of the Kuemmel award. He is now an assistant professor and Melchor fellow at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Yongle Yu, PhD December 9, 2003, winner of the 2004 Henderson prize for an outstanding PhD thesis. Professor of Physics, Wuhan  Institute for Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China.

Jeffrey M. Thompson, PhD 1998,  became a visiting assistant professor at Lake Forest College, IL, subsequently moved to industry.

Vadim Mickrjukov, MS, worked with me during the years 1992-1994 and subsequently moved to industry after getting a MS.

Michael Fosmire, worked with me during the years 1994-1996, moved to an alternative career in library sciences.

Eli DePalma, 1997 REU at UW, student from UCSC.

Nengjiu Ju, PhD 1993, MSU,  subsequently got a second PhD in Finance in 1998 from UC Berkeley, assistant professor of finance, University of Maryland, associate professor in Business School of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, currently Professor of Finance, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance.

Ron Kumon 1990 REU at MSU, student from MSU.

Gary Rogers, 1990 REU at MSU, student from OSU.

Dimitri Kusnezov, postdoc at MSU 1993-1995, subsequently assistant and associate professor at Yale University, Director, Advanced Simulation & Computing,  National Nuclear Security Administration, now Director of the Office of Reseasrch and Developement, for National Security Science and Technology.

Caio Lewenkopf, postdoc 1992-1993 MSU, 1993-1995 UW, currently professor at Univ. Fed. Fluminense, Brazil.

Piotr Magierski, professor, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland.

Andreas Wirzba,   Permanent staff member at the Institut fur Kernphysik, Juelich, Germany.

Florin Carstoiu, worked with me during the years 1978-1983, senior researcher at IPNE, Bucharest, Romania.

Mihai Horoi, worked with me during years 1981-1983, currently Professor of Physics at Central Michigan University.

Emanuela Ene, MS 1982, University of Bucharest,  high-school teacher, Romania, graduate student in Physics at OSU, Stillwater, OK.

Achim Schwenk,  Research Scientist and Deputy Theory Group leader, TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, now at TU, Darmstadt, Germany.

Michael McNeil Forbes, was a postdoc in NT Group, UW, now at Los Alamos Nat. Lab. and now back to UW as a junior INT fellow, moving to WSU as an assistant professor.

Eduardo Roman, research Fellow, Universita di Milano-Biccoca, Italy

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