Advice From Previous Students On How to Succeed in Micro 301

Lectures were probably the most helpful, but to fully understand, you can't rely on only one source.  You REALLY need to read the book, go to, lecture, study the course pack, etc.


Study! It is very interesting stuff, but not always easy to remember.

If you don't read the textbook or show up to lecture, you won't pass.  That's a guarantee.

This was my 2nd time taking the class, and it's amazing what you learn if you pay attention!


This is a difficult class, but very rewarding!  The beginning half is hard to wrap your brain around, but in the last half you'll find you love it and are fascinated by the information - if you haven't fallen behind.  Don't fall behind!  Take advantage of Prof. Anderson's willingness to meet with you in office hours.


Attend lectures!  The material is interesting and well presented.


Keep up with the assigned readings.


Go to class.  Course book is the greatest!  Stay on top of things.  Even a read-through of past notes regularly helps in future lectures.


Read lecture notes before lecture.  Review notes after lecture.  Reread lecture notes until information sinks in. Ask questions to self and try to answer them.  Take practice exam.  Always try to think "more" or "outside" of what is presented during lecture.  Read textbook and look at the diagrams in the book.  Refer textbook material back to lecture notes.



Really understand what you do in lab, because it helps you understand lecture better!


Make up questions about the material; as you read the course pack and book, write them down.  Find the answers to those you don't know. Just forming the questions for that hard-to-remember name or function helped me learn the info in a new way.  Better than lists of notes ever did.  And find a buddy.  You'll both have different questions and there's a lot to be learned from even one other person (explaining things you think you know out loud really helps cement the info and identifies what you aren't so clear on).  Plus it's a great way to make a friend or two.


Use the course pack.


Do the readings on time.


Don't fall behind with readings.  Attend all lectures.  Write questions at the end of week on lessons learned and answer them over the weekend.


Make sure you complete the reading.  The text was a great supplement to lecture and was very clear after lecture.


Read ahead!!! It seriously helps.


Keep up with the material presented; it's hard to catch up if you're lost.


Study in groups; quiz each other!  It's a MUST!


Study group is useful.  Don't be afraid to ask for another explanation from someone else or again at office hours - new perspective.


None of the material is difficult to understand on a conceptual level.  There simply is quite a bit of material to remember.  Stay on top of things on a daily/weekly basis and don't get behind.

Stay caught up with the reading.


Read the book before hand.  Pay careful attention to lectures; write everything down.  Study the material right after lectures; don't want until exam to study.


Stay paced with class.  Read the book.  Read ahead.  Study groups.


Review lectures every day after class!  Read the book - she wrote it!


Read exam questions thoroughly.


Review notes daily and don't be afraid to ask questions.  Visit office hours early in the quarter if you need help understanding the material.


Go to class everyday.  Exams are hard, so study hard.


Read over the lecture notes at least once a week to stay on top of things - it's a lot to catch up if you wait 'til the last minute.  Wash your hands.


Memorize vocabulary/terms.


Make use of the question and answer sessions.  They can be very helpful.


Do the readings before class and take notes on them.  Meet with people prior to exam day and go over points and quiz one another. 


Study every detail like mad - it will be on the test.  Study early - don't wait 'til the night before because you will do badly.


To students who have already taken the biology series:  don't take this class lightly.  It's really important stuff and you will learn so many new things.  Don't fall into a safe sense of security - keep up with the reading!  Actively listen!


Get extra help if you are struggling!  Study with a classmate, it helps!


Keep up on material - don't fall behind - it's too hard to catch up.  This is one class you can't cram for if you want to do well.


Read that textbook and keep up!