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Selected Publications

CyberGIS Literacy

Shook, E., Bowlick, F.; Kemp, K., Ahlqvist, O., Carbajales, P., DiBiase, D., Kim, E.K., Lathrop, S., Ricker, B., Rickles, P., Rush, J., Swift, J., Wang, S. (2019) “Cyber Literacy for GIScience: Toward Formalizing Geospatial Computing Education.” The Professional Geographer.

Mapping United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Kraak, M.J., Ricker, B., Engelhardt, Y. (2018) “Challenges of Mapping Sustainable Development Goal indicator data.” International Journal of Geo-Information. 7(12): 482.

Mobile Map Design

Ricker, B. ; Roth, R. (2018) “Mobile Maps and Responsive Design.” University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (GIS&T) Body of Knowledge. (2nd Quarter 2018 Edition), John P. Wilson (Ed). DOI:10.22224/gistbok/2018.2.5

Power of different visualization choices

Ricker, B., Kraak, M.J., Engelhard, Y. (Forthcoming 2019) “The Power of visualization choices: different images of patterns in space” Kennedy, H., Engebretsent, N.M. (Eds) Invited book chapter for Data Visualization in Society University of Amsterdam Press.

Contemporary GIS Pedagogy

Ricker, B.; Thatcher, J. (2017) “Evolving technology, shifting expectations: cultivating pedagogy for a rapidly changing GIS landscape.” Journal of Geography in Higher Education,

Location-based Services Defined

Ricker, B. (2018) “Location-based Services” In B. Warf (Ed) SAGE Encyclopedia of the Internet SAGE.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and open data

Johnson, P., Ricker, B., Harrison, S. (2017) “Volunteered Drone Imagery: Challenges and constraints to the development of an open shared image repository” Proceedings of the 50th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Science 2017 January. (47% acceptance rate)

GIS in the context of Spatial Media

Ricker, B. (2017). GIS. Understanding Spatial Media. In R. Kitchin, T. Laurant, M. Wilson (Eds) ‘Understanding Spatial Media’ SAGE.

Qualitative Research and Big Data

Ricker, B. (2017) “Reflexivity, positionality and rigor in the context of big data research” In J. Thatcher, J. Eckart, A. Shears (Eds.), The Geoweb and Geography: (Re)Thinking Research in the advent of Big Data University of Nebraska Press.

Revisiting Critical GIS

Thatcher, J.; Bergmann, L., Ricker, B., et al. (2016) “Revisiting Critical GIS: Reflections from Friday Harbor.” Environment and Planning A. 48(5): 815-24. DOI: 10.1177/0308518X15622208

Perceptions of Smartphone use and spatial cognition

Ricker, B; Schuurman, N.; Kessler, F. (2015) Implications of smartphone usage on privacy and spatial cognition: academic literature and public perceptions. GeoJournal. Springer, Netherlands. 80(5): 637-652.

Hybridizing Location-based Services, Volunteered Geographic Information and Geovisualization Literature

Ricker, B.; Daniel, S.; Hedley, N. (2014) Fuzzy boundaries: Hybridizing Location-based Services, Volunteered Geographic Information and Geovisualization Literature. Geography Compass. Blackwell Publishing.

The electronic Trauma Health Record

Zarganan, E.; Schuurman, N.; Nicol, A.; Matzopoulos, R.; Cinnamon, J.; Taulu, R.; Ricker, B.; Brown, R.; Hameed, M.; (2013) The electronic Trauma Health Record (eTHR): Design and usability of a novel tablet-based tool for trauma care and injury surveillance in low resource settings. Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

Tourism and environmental change in Barbados

Ricker, B.; Johnson, P.; Sieber, R.E. (2012) “Tourism and environmental change in Barbados: Gathering citizen perspectives with Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).” Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Taylor & Francis.

Qualitative Field Research Experiences

Heller, E.; Christensen, J.; Long, L.; Mackenzie, C.; Osano, P.; Ricker, B.; Kagan, E.; Turner, S. (2010) “Dear Diary: Early Career Geographers Collectively Reflect on Their Qualitative Field Research Experiences.” Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 1466-184. Biennial Prize Winner

Reflecting on collaborative journaling

Mackenzie, C., Ricker, B.; Christensen, J.; Heller, E.; Kagan, E.; Osano, P.; Long, L.; Turner, S. (Available Online Dec. 27, 2013) Dear Diary revisited: Reflecting on collaborative journaling” Journal of Geography in Higher Education.

Tools on the Geoweb for Sustainable Development

Ricker, B. (2013) Interactive mapping tools on the Geoweb. In M. Roseland (Ed.), Towards Sustainable Community Development (4th ed.). Gabriola Island, BC Canada: New Society Publishers.