Suzanne White Brahmia, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physics
Physics Education Group

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Research Interests

  • Mathematical reasoning in physics
    • Novice-to-expert transition, Quantification, Proportional Reasoning, Negativity, Symbolizing, Co-variational reasoning, Inventing with Contrasting Cases

  • Assessment of reasoning and scientific abilities
    • Assessing mathematical reasoning, Assessing experimental scientific abilities in large-enrollment courses

  • Assessable Learning Objectives (ALOs)
    • Standardizing ALOs across the introductory curriculum, Impact of ALOs on student learning and on faculty practices

  • Equity and Inclusion
    • Community of practice by design in physics, Radical constructivism as a pathway to equity

  • Teacher preparation
    • Integrating experimental design and mathematical reasoning into 6-12 curricula, Assessment of practices on high stakes tests, Preparing teachers for NGSS implementation