Moving to UCSD

The Boechler Research Group is moving to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California San Diego. More updates coming soon.

New papers in Wave Motion and Journal of Applied Physics

Two new papers:
– Wallen, S. and Boechler, N., “Shear to longitudinal mode conversion via second harmonic generation in a two-dimensional microscale granular crystal“, Wave Motion, 68, 22 (2016)
– Geslain, A., Raetz, S., Hiraiwa, M., Abi Ghanem, M., Wallen, S. P., Khanolkar, A., Boechler, N., Laurent, J., Prada, C., Duclos, A., Leclaire, P., Groby, J.-P., “Spatial Laplace transform for complex wavenumber recovery and its application in the analysis of attenuation in acoustic systems”, Journal of Applied Physics, in press (2016)