Washington 2011-2016

The past 13 years have been the most challenging studio-wise (the university has relocated the studio six times). Despite the continuing displacement, creative work has continued without ceasing (installations, eco-art, sculptural pieces and mixed media works on paper). Environmental issues continue to be of great concern, particularly in relation to the meltdown in Fukushima and the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific. Antidotes to dystopic thinking emerge as well as a series that examines the plight of refugees and ways that we can deal with fears of extinction. Works on paper that explore dreams and nightmares have surfaced continually. During January 2014- July 2016, in a wonderful Seattle studio at the MLK Community Center, where monthly discussions about Art for Social Change were facilitated, many larger drawings emerged as well as the beginnings of the collaborative project, “We Almost Didn’t Make It."